STAY UP TO DATE - July 1, 2022


Mifam is a project of two best friends trying to make their dream come true.

Memeing all day long with a great, funny and inspiring community.

Every week we get new members to our (for now) small community and we can’t say THANK YOU enough!

The simple idea of an own meme social site started when we met again, after a friendship gap for some years, in our first IT school year. It was that simple. I (Luca) was memeing in the school lessons arguing with myself why memes became that unfunny and boring.

Dominik just answered with: Why don’t we make our own meme site.

We looked at each other and instant knew that this will be the perfect project for us to spend our free time on.

Then we just started like this:

Google–> How to make own website….. ^^

First we came up with the idea of naming the site OEOE (I still don’t know how we came onto this name but gladly we didn’t choose it xD).

We talked about cool and funny names for our project for hours on discord. While we were thinking about a name we tried to imagine what the heart and soul of this community should be and become, a family!

After that it was easy for us:

We are going to create our own MEME Family –> Mifam

After many years of ups and downs while creating the website and the apps we now can say with proud that Mifam officially started on January 2022.

Towards a great future and don’t stop memeing!

Dominik and Luca