STAY UP TO DATE - April 7, 2022

Mifam Update

Hello Fam 😀

At 5th to 6th of April our Site was taken down by a defect Plugin, which wiped our Servers clean with nothing left on it. The Drive was corrupted so we had no chance to execute a backup.

After remaking this site from scratch with loosing all valuable data from our databank, it is back up online, but 1 month of meme content and user registrations have been lost to the eternal void 🙁

But thanks to that, we have brought a lost feature back alive:

The EDIT Button has come back to live 🙂 You can now edit your captions on your posts, if you feel like you lost a opportnunity or you made some errors.

That was all from us for now, once again, thank you so much for using our platform and posting your best memes on this site. We really try to stand out and want to built an alternate social media platform focusing on memes, gaming, streaming and having a small and chill community.

Meme it out,

your MIFAM Staff