STAY UP TO DATE - May 12, 2022

Mifam now on IOS

Hello Fam 😀

We finally made it, our social media about memes and more, is now finally on the Apple Appstore.

Alothough this is nothing more than a tweaked and improved webview from our site, we are sure the usabillity will increase when using our App.

The App also has gesture controlls, such as pull down to refresh, drag the screen from left edge to the right to go back, and from right to left to go forward. It also has fullscreen support, which will come in handy for all Iphone X Users and above ^^

We finally made our last step in mobile development and such are happy to annoucne, that we’ll be fully focusing us on Mifam again!

Stay alert Fam, something cool is coming your way!

Best Regards,

Dominik & Luca